Networking questions for Roon?

I have Roon operating across a wired and wireless network, across 4 endpoints and a nun rock core. All is working well, however I am now setting up a listening room. This room will only be for music and I want to optimise it as much as possible. Is there any benefit is setting up a separate wired network to optimise the streaming quality. or does other network traffic not have any effect of the streaming quality. Is there a router that is better than others, or is only the treatment of the signal from the endpoint that is important.

Sorry if this has been asked before, however a search did not reveal a similar question.


Send a single cable (or fibre) from your primary router to the music area. Install a decent switch in there to accommodate any network needs. I would have a silent core and your endpoint all on that spur. And if it matters to you, you can control the quality of that switch. If that isn’t practical, I’d still maintain that model. Even if the switch and core needed to be some where else. The only difference would be the length of cables.

There’s no benefit having a separate network. I assume your Core will be located elsewhere so bring a single cable from the switch serving your Core.

To put things into context, copying an entire album in 44kHz 16bit across your network will take a few seconds at full tilt, so when streaming the same data your network won’t break a sweat.

thanks for the reply