Networking sharing ROCK SSD - fallback music server

I would like to add the same music library that ROCK uses to Plex.

I can see the internal SSD (for my music not RoonOS) in Windows as I’ve mapped it, but the Windows Plex amp doesn’t see it.

Many thanks.

Rock uses simple SMB share nothing else to do. If windows can see it so can Plex if it’s on the same machine. You need to add it as a folder for your music library in the main Plex application.

This is not the Plex support forum. Please ask your question regarding Plexamp setup there: Topics tagged plexamp

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This relates to a back up to Roon should the internet go down - something which many members have been discussing. I also wondered whether ROCK would prevent a share.

I had my JRiver instance was pointing at the ROCK internal drive , it works fine.

I was assured that the ROCK instance doesn’t need an internet connection to work so that drive will always be available

That said I went to the trouble of mirroring the internal drive to a drive in my media server and pointed JRiver at that .

You just need to decide which is the master and keep to it especially if you tweak metadata. I use SyncBack pro to BU , so I can sync the internal and media server drives quite easily if needs be.

Hi, Plex is installed on my NAS so I can only point to the directories on the NAS. How to I get the NAS to recognise the internal music SSD in my NUC (ROCK)? I have limited space on the NAS.


You need to mount rocks drive as a storage space on the NAS then you can point Plex to it as you can local storage.

Stuck on this. I get this message no matter what location I pick on my Terramaster NAS.

You need to use guest as user and password

Thanks for the advice. I’m now getting an “operation failed” message when applying the settings.

Did you set the mount destination it’s blank in your screen grab? You have to give it a mount point on your storage. You need to create a folder then point it to it.

Has to be your NAS, works with no issues on my
QNAP. I have had issues mounting it on Ubuntu which is my plex server is on for some reason may be related to an smb version conflict. Windows has no issue mounting it not my MacBook Pro and iPhone and android devices.

Yeh I’ve come to the same conclusion. Thanks anyway.

Trying to tackle it another way using piCorePlayer and LMS. I have both running but can’t seem to point to the internal storage. The current setting does not work:

Try setting it to version 1.0 not 3.0 i got it to manually mount that way yesterday on Ubuntu and you need the password as guest. Not sure if you can just use the ip though I think you need to add the path to the data directory.

OK I’ve cracked it. Version 1 and entering “Data” as the Share Name. You can then drill down to the ”Internalstorage" directory in LMS. Sweet all up and running!

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