Networking/Switch question?

Does it matter if I run one Ethernet wire from my router to a switch to my Nucleus( 2 other connected devices) OR a switch connected to the router and Pull 3 Ethernet wires to my connected devices?

Nope. Other than pulling 3 wires instead of 1.

One wire from router to a switch. I just ordered another switch and two 3 foot ethernet cables. I’m going to try connecting both my Nucleus and Oppo 203 to the switch using ethernet instead of HDMI from Nucleus to Oppo 203. I want to be able to display Roon information on my TV that is connected to my Oppo.

If you connect a switch to a router/access point, try to connect all your devices to the switch so the bandwidth on the single cable is available for “talking” to wireless devices and/or the internet. If you have to add another switch, let’s say in another part of the building, you should also direct connect it to the router/access point. Try to avoid daisy-chaining switches, as otherwise the bandwidth of the single connection cable can become a bottleneck, which can significantly impair the reliability and throughput of your network.

Thanks. No just on switch involved. Just trying to understand if it’s better connected to router or running a wire from the router to the switch.

If it works, I wouldn’t sweat over it too much, just use whatever configuration is easiest. Having said that, some routers, especially cheap ones supplied by ISPs, have poorly implemented switch ports, in which case connection everything to a decent switch might be worthwhile.