Never ending complaints about 1.8 stopping

Many many complaints about 1.8 not being network stable!! Posting gets an answer four days later then when you reply nothing back!!! Horrible customer service horrible “upgrade” NOT an upgrade!!!
1.7 work flawlessly why is 1.8 SO BAD?


Yes, but not for sure - for me 1.8 work flawlessly, 1.7 was SO BAD that I wanted to stop subscription.
Now I will stay with Roon, because of 1.8 upgrade.

Are you interested in working your problem, or just venting? There are too many people with flawless Roon performance to say that your problems aren’t due to at least some of your environments’ doing.

If Roon responded in a timely manner and when they do finally respond not blame anything and everything non Roon I would stop venting. Thanks for your input.

They will not respond to an ill-specified problem.

Did you see the original post, the one with system details etc, I always find that’s the best place to jump off from :joy:

I posted to support it took four days to get a response and Roon blamed my network. The issue with that response is 1.7 perfect 1.8 zero-same network!

actually, I don’t. On my forum, there is/was no OP.

Presumably this one, all wireless…enuf said.

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Bij mij werkt 1.8 top, vandaag is er wel een update geweest waardoor verschillende bugs verwijderd zijn. Alles werkt prima en het ziet er geweldig uit de nieuwe Roon​:headphones::guitar: