Never ending login loop 🔁

Just arrived home after being away one week, to my surprise I cannot login to Roon I’m requested user and psw, which fill correctly, then I wait 3 min!!! Until I get a message that I’m already signed in (!), and I’m told to “Go back”, ending in the same login screen, I go back yet another step, where I can see my core which is ready, when pressing the connect I’m back to the login screen and everything starts again to an infinite loop, please help me :woozy_face::nerd_face:

Have read about that a gazillion times and the fix is to just unauthorize then authorize in the next step.
Nothing’s going lost in the process.

Crossing fingers for you here…

Man you save my day!
Not very intuitive solution but it works!

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Glad it helped…you may give me a :heart:

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