Never got to try Roon due to 1.0.221

A bit late for that, the free trial is over with. I never got to try the program.

Did you have a one day trial?
If you send an email to contact (at) explaining the issue, perhaps they will be sympathetic/accommodating.

it looks like it was their software bug. I think it’s up to me to be
sympathetic even bother trying it again. As of right now I’m not
interested. I’m only commenting because I just got an email from roon
and it was this community thing. They charge a premium for their
service and if it’s anything like I experienced, I’m good with the
Qobuz app.

Wait what? How did the 1.0.221 bug affect your trial? It only impacted ROCK/Nucleus.

well either way the software on linux said it’s installed and it was nowhere to be found, look i’m busy

ok well, if you choose to come back, let us know … but it sounds like your issue was unrelated to Roon OS 1.0.221.

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