Neverending "adding music to library", whats wrong?

I have an annoying issue on my PC at work which I use daily for streaming Tidal.
Roon never finishes to add music to library. I dont have any local file and no folders for this. I only use Tidal.

At home on my mac Roon core there is no problems at all.

Any suggestions on what the issue might be? Its been like this for a month now and there is no network errors.

What OS are you using…there was an issue with Linux kernel that needed an update if you run under Linux

Might there be firewalls or VPNs running which could impact Roon’s net access?

Hi Joakim, I had the same annoying thing recently and tried everything imaginable, including reinstalling Roon, nothing helped. I later found a badly shielded ethernet cable running along with a mains cable to be the culprit. After changing that cable to a new Cat. 8 one, everything worked flawlessly. The problem never returned. Maybe that helps.

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Thank you for the tips!
I did some trying yesterday at home outside of the work connection.
I did fix it when I connected to my home wifi via work VPN. Then it took a couple of seconds and it finished, so there is for sure something with the connection at work.
However, I don’t know what and when I will add albums etc it will continue to do this if I don’t fix the problem.

I cannot change any settings at work but maybe there is some kind of workaround this?