New 1989 in Qobuz app, but not via Roon

Roon Core Machine

Fast win10/11 with lots of ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi via Gryphon mesh

Connected Audio Devices

Arcam av20 , not sure connection method

Number of Tracks in Library

Tiny. <1k tracks. Almost all on-line streaming.

Description of Issue

Feel like I’m missing something. If I want to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album (re-release of 1989), I find that I must play it from Qobuz app. In Roon, it’s not showing up in the list of TS albums. It’s been almost a week since release… Are things not synching? Any help from community here?

It is showing up for me? Maybe a regional issue, I’m in the US. Also, if you already had the original album in your library, maybe Roon put the new one under Versions?

Here in UK. How are you searching for it ?

no problemo in the Netherlands … showing up in Qobuz.

Y’all fixed it for me. Working now.

Similar: when I search for “1989” it doesn’t show up, in Albums eg. (But maybe that will be magically better soon too??)

Thank you for trying it and replying!! Btw loving the production/imaging of “This Love”

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