New 3.5" Touch Screen Case

I know Ropieee only supports the official 7" screen. I run two of them. And I do alter the case, this case

, to support ALLO Boss or DigiOne hats output connectors. It’s very kewl!

But I do have to admit wanting Ropieee to eventually support this case too:

… sans ALLO hat it seems tho.

Any love for this idea?

Guess I’m alone.

Problem is that this really a low res screen.

Yes, no question. Though I’m thinking we just need three or six small navigation icons normally. The artwork could be thumbnail resolution that one could toggle to show instead of the navi icons, instead of showing both navigation and artwork on one screen. I imagine there is enough rez for the options panel too if rearranged, condenced, and scrollable.

That’s a huge amount of work. So for now this is a no go for me.

:smiley: haha. No problem at all.

Though I’m really intrigued and tempted to give it a go myself. It would be my first foray into development on RPi & with Roon. I have to figure out where to start. -lol
It might be more than I’m prepared to do. And if the Mrs gets wind of me spending time on a hobby, she will have much to say. I have other priorities and cannot afford the distraction.

Much thanx for your time reading and considering it nonetheless.

P.s. is your Ropieee code and assembly of components that makes up the whole in the public domain? I would reference it as learning material to get my feet under me if so. Thanx!

P.p.s. I’ve also come to realize one could just run a standard DietPi image with web browser shown on this display pointing to the Roon Core’s display URL and that would probably be sufficient. (I didnt know about the …:9100/display/ url until a few days ago. I hadn’t been using my Roon installation for a few months).