New AcoustidAlbum Archive of albums not in MusicBrainz

AcoustId provides acoustic fingerprinting for songs in MusicBrainz, it currently has about 63M Acoustids, whereas MusicBrainz has about 25M recordings, so clearly there are many tracks in Acoustid that do not have a corresponding track in MusicBrainz

When Acoustids are submitted the basic metadata is stored with it, I have been looking at this data and have been able to create Acoustid Albums from the metadata. The report contains about 400,000 albums (4M tracks) that I have been able to construct data for that do not seem to be in MusicBrainz, the report provides an easy way to import releases into MusicBrainz

Roon does not use the data in Acoustid but it does use MusicBrainz, so you can use this report to import albums into MusicBrainz and then they will recognized by Roon.

The report is especially good for bootleg and live albums by major artists and albums by very obscure artists .

Please see here New Acoustid Album Archive - Albunack - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum and Instructions:Adding Acoustid Album to MusicBrainz - Albunack - SongKong and Jaikoz Music Tagger Community Forum for more details

Would be great to get a some new releases into MusicBrainz !

I think the commitment to MusicBrainz is great, but it doesn’t make sense to me why we still need manual labor today.

Music services are the modern data services and deliver 99% of the same. If you look closely, you can see this:


The data always comes from the same corners and should always be collected manually again. This can certainly be done better with a redesign, but MusicBrainz is sluggish and dies of the targeted perfection for no longer purchased CDs.

One of the oldest tickets and most wanted MusicBrainz improvements is a proper webservice api for adding data automatically to MusicBrainz [MBS-211] Implement editing via the webservice - MetaBrainz JIRA

Unfortunately MusicBrainz are very resistant to this, they are very worried about bad data being added, this is a real concern but I think they too resistant to adding an api, but that is where we are.

However this doesnt prevent semi-automated solutions like the one I describe here. Addition of an album is quite painless however it does require some help with manual labour because clearly not possible for one person to do all this.