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I’m not a new member, but in the last week or so, new additions to my library are not downloading, can you advise what’s gone wrong!

If I try to add a new album, all I get is a message saying

“Roon is having difficulty added this selection, we will try in the background”

However, looking at date added these are not being added to the library.

Any suggestions?

Have you rebooted everything?

Just rebooted everything and now they are there. Some weird stuff happening since this last build.

What do you mean by “I can no longer add albums”? What happens when you try? Do you get an error message? Do the albums show up in “Skipped Files”? What happens if you force a rescan of the storage location?

Are you looking at the Album View, Recent Activity or both?

Mike, thanks for the quick response.

I always view “Recently added” However, I’ve just rebooted my NUC containing Roon Server and after an update, all appears to be back to normal and albums are now added as normal.

No albums have been lost, just not in the date added order, (for the last few), which is no big deal.

Thanks for you support, but it appears the problem has been resolved by the Roon server update.



Are these CD rips, or are you adding albums from Tidal and/or Qobuz? If they are CD rips, what are you using to rip the CDs? More info aids diagnosis…

Hi @Peter_Boyse,

Thanks for letting us know that the reboot helped sort the issue out! It is possible that this issue was related to a Google Cloud service outage, but in any case, do let us know if you experience any further difficulties here, thanks!

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