New Airplay 2 build of Shairport-Sync

Hi @spockfish. There is a new dev build of Shairport-Sync that author Mike Brady has added Airplay 2 support. Many of us in this community have been waiting for this for a LONG time and it looks like it is getting much closer. Not release ready yet, but stable enough that many people are using it on their Pi endpoints successfully. I’m wondering if this could be incorporated into a beta/dev build of RoPieee since many of us RoPieee users would also very much like to have AP2 support. Any thoughts?

Thanks and keep up the great work.


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I’m monitoring this closely, but for now it seems a little bit too early.
It’s still experimental and has some serious issues.

So this will take some time before it lands in RoPieee.

I have been using the dev branch (airplay 2) of shairport-sync running on my Ubuntu 21.10 server running Roon. This allows me to stream to a number of airplay devices and also back to the same server running Roon. Odd - yes, but it provides a synchronized airplay sound channel from the Ubuntu server that I have wired to a DAC/AMP allowing my main HiFi to be synchronized with airplay devices in the rest of the house. I have had some issue with dropouts on this version of shairport-sync, however, they seem to go away if I make the shairport-sync device the first device and group other airplay devices to it.