New album blue ribbon dissapeared on multiple albums

Hi, I bought a many new albums and moved them to the watched folder. The blue ribbon that indicates that the albums were not played appeared correctly. After a few days the blue ribbon has disappeared on most and on the ones that I am sure I have not played I can see the 0 plays note on all tracks but still no blue ribbon!

I always thought the blue ribbon merely signified that it was a new addition, and that whether it’s been played or not is not relevant.

[Edit] Just looked and the ribbon does disappear once watched, and it appears that albums over a week old also seem to lose it.[/Edit]

Hi Gustavo,

The blue ribbon is an indicator that the album was added to the library recently … after a few days it is automatic removed whether the album has been play or not.

I find the best way to view all recently added albums is to adjust the album browser to sort by date added.

Thanks Carl.The blue ribbon indeed disappears over time (but not when merely watched). I would listen to new additions less than a week after added and thought the blue ribbon was a permanent indicator of the album not being played.

For Roon support, it would be very useful to have a visual indicator of which albums have not been played, say the blue ribbon or any other indicator, instead of having to look in the detail to the tracks were played, etc.

AHi Gustavo,

When I want to catch up with recent additions I haven’t listened to I use:

Sorted by most played (lowest to highest)

Edit: This let’s me choose an album to play, but sometimes I like to shuffle unplayed additions in the last month and then I use:

Focus/Played in the last/Month (inverted)
Select All
Play (Add to Queue)

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Thanks, great tip!