New album does not show up in Roon

Core Machine (Roon version 1.7 (build 511))

Every time when I add a new album to the music server (Antipodes DX2) Roon would detect and show the new album under “Recently Added”. However, today I tried adding one particular album and I could see the album show up momentarily under “Recently Added” section and then it disappears. When I checked under the Artist, it does not seem to have been registered/recognised. Help! I have also tried deleting and then re-adding. Didn’t work.

Check your settings to see if it is hidden. This happened to me.

Thanks Peter. How do I check the settings? I didn’t even know you could hide albums

Hi @Andrew_Yin,

First, I’d like to point out some documentation we have that may be helpful here. In our KB we have an article about Skipped Files and an article about why some files might be missing from Roon .

If you go to Settings > Library > Skipped Files do you see any of your missing files there?

I’d like to recommend looking at a couple of specific examples of tracks that did not get imported into Roon. Are they supported files? Are they showing up in Skipped Files? If it looks like they should be importing, let me know! Screenshots of these files in their storage location would be helpful for discovering what may be happening.

Not at my Roon control at home. I’ll follow up later or maybe someone else will jump in. Also, Dylan is great!

Hi Dylan

I have had another look at this and can confirm that it is not a “skipped file” issue. I decided to remove all the tracks from the album folder (on the Antipodes file server) and then re-added the tracks one by one. With the first track added into the folder, the album started appearing in Roon as a newly added album, showing just one track. Everything else looked normal. I continued adding another track, and another track and everything looked normal. As soon as one track is added, it is immediately reflected in the Roon album. Once I added the last track, something strange happened. It showed the word “Duplicate” just below the album Cover (image). Once I exit from the (whole) album view, the album disappears from the list of albums for that artist. Any idea why this is happening when there is no duplicate anywhere for this album?


What do you see when you ask Roon to display all the albums that it thinks are duplicates in your Library? - Use Focus in the Album browser, and check the Focus/Inspector/Duplicates box. Is Roon misidentifying the album, and thinking it’s a duplicate of another album in your Library?

Thanks Geoff. Yes, the albums are showing up in this report as Duplicates. However, usually if I have a TIDAL album (MQA version) and I then add a normal resolution FLAC files, it will show both in the Artist view. But in this case it is just showing the MQA version and not the newly added FLAC version. I want both the TIDAL MQA version and the normal FLAC version to show at the same time. The strange behaviour I am seeing is that it is doing this for some albums, and yet not for others.


What setting have you got under Settings/General/Show hidden tracks and albums? If you want to see duplicates listed in the browsers, you have to have this set to “Yes”.

That works! So simple. You’re a champ. Thanks Geoff.

This could be because even though the album music content is the same, it is actually a different release, so Roon considers the two albums to be distinct from each other, e.g. the multiple releases over the years of different versions of Sgt. Pepper…

Got it. Thanks mate.

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