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Just downloaded an album from Qobuz and on my first listen noticed track 2 has 60 plays, but I haven’t heard this song before. Can I edit this back to zero? Or maybe see what play times it somehow registered?

Ok I’m digging more into this and noticed that my top plays are some things I didn’t listen to.

See image here:

Also very odd is my top album that I played over 6 hours was an album I don’t think I’ve ever heard.

My only strange clue is that I was out of service all of last week in the mountains, but was using roon arc, which was constantly strugling. Could it be that it tried over and over the queue these songs and only when I got back into service it showed them as being played a whole bunch?

You can go to the Roon sidebar > My Stuff > History and check if and when they are listed

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You can select played tracks in your history and delete them.

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@Brian_Garwood, do you share you Qobuz account with anyone? Does this album or other tracks also show being used from within Qobuz? It may be worth changing your password on Qobuz in case your account was compromised.

Ooooh that’s a great idea I forgot to look at my history!

No my Qobuz isn’t shared with anyone, and these were all local FLAC tracks.

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