New album imports don't show up in Roon

Hi, I have been using Roon for a while on Beta and have the latest version installed.
Albums (Standard CD) I import now via DB Poweramp just don’t show up anymore. Other albums in the same folder are present (I just checked).

Any thoughts welcome. Chris

Hi Chris

Some obvious things to do:

  1. Double check the path to the folders that you are watching
  2. Search By Date Added in overview screen
  3. Restart both devices (core and store)
  4. Check that you are saving to Flac when you convert. I had problems seeing WAV files.

Let us know how you get on.


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Done all that already. Definitely FLAC files via DB Poweramp. They are in the same folder as previously imported files that do show up.
This is a windows PC 8.1 enterprise. Usb3 to an icybox with a 3TB drive.
If I drag and drop the files into Roon, they play. But they should be ok in a watched folder I would think.
Thanks for your help. Puzzeled, Chris

Hi Chris

Are you able to remove an existing album (by taking it out of the folder and then re-adding it) or can you add a new album that hasn’t been converted by DBpowerAmp?


I can’t think how to do this. Perhaps I could and rip somthing in from sooloos when I have the time.
I have exported albums here to sooloos without issue recently. By that I mean I imported to sooloos a folder from the drive Roon watches.
I think this is since the last update.

Hi Chris

PM me your email address and I’ll share something with you in Dropbox.(if that works for you) and you can copy it in. No grandad rock though!