New album: Jenny Lewis

(fernand lambert) #1

Dear Tidal, I am waiting for this, don’t get me wrong, not for the view but for her music

(Philo Melos) #2

I think she’s got a very pretty face.

(Larry Post) #3

It’s there now but she’ll likely never top Rabbit Fur Coat or Nice as F*#k

(Larry Post) #4

So, what do you all think of her new release?


The first track is my favorite

“Rabbit Fur Coat” Album is my favorite album of hers but she has a lot more good songs. Need to listen to the rest of the new album more

(Gordon Mackay) #6

A great album! “Red Bull & Hennessy” is my fave track from it. Came up for me as a recommendation after listening to Orville Peck’s new album “Pony” — which is also well worth a listen!