New album release notifications (in overview?)

I don’t always follow all my favourite bands as actively as I should. Would be great to be notified if a new release becomes available.


Along these same lines, and i’m sure it’s been mentioned before, it would be nice if under the “Main Albums” section of a particular artist it showed all their albums including those that may not be in your library, maybe with a cover art picture that is slightly ghosted out and not clickable, that way we can see if we are missing anything from a particular artist.

Maybe a revised layout for artists could be tested showing a complete discography for a given artist. With albums/EPs/tracks marked with local, Tidal or greyed out as appropriate.

As new releases becomes available the list grows and notifications could be showed when a favourited artist have new mtrl released.

This idea just occurred to me as well - notification for new releases in Tidal, or addition of releases to Tidal library, even if not new. Searched the discussion board, and there it was!

Rdio used to do this. It scanned your library and then sent out a weekly digest of all the new stuff you might be interested in. It’s sorely missed. Tidal is great as an integrated library of music to search and pull from, but what they feel is noteworthy from week to week is pretty narrow, and not based on my personal metadata.

+1 to this. My local Roon already knows my libraries and favorites. It would be nice to have an option to be notified if the favorited artist has released something.