New album showing on Qobuz, but not Roon

The new Zola Jesus album, Arkhon, which was released today, shows up in Qobuz, but not in Roon - even if I add it as a favourite. Anyone has an idea what is going on here?

@Satyadhara This is very freshly posted on Qobuz and the database transfer to Roon is certainly running through the night with more new releases. Thanks for the tip, I heart it and play it through Qobuz for now. I’ll see it in my library in the new week for sure.

Thanks for the info! Really looking forward to giving this a listen on the big system through Roon

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A workaround is to favorite (the heart) in Qubuz and then sync Qobuz in Roon. Most of the time it will appear in Roon.