New Albums from Favorite Artists

I like Tidal’s “New Albums from Favorite Artists” section in “My Recommendations” view.

That way I do miss new music released from my favourite artists.

Is there a similar view in Roon ?
If not could one be added ?

I really like the User Interface of Roon and would prefer to remain within it (rather than switch to Tidal to check out the “New Albums from Favorite Artists”).


“New Albums from Most Played Artists” is another great Tidal section under “My Recommendations” view … would be great if this could be viewed from within Roon … these are definitely views that I would bookmark to use for searching new music … then I can keep in my preferred user interface (Roon) instead of switching to Tidal sometimes.

Just spamming my own thread :smile: I would love to see this implemented.

To all the Roon Support people, keep up the great work … I appreciate it.