New Albums from Tidal sorted by genre


With the advent of Roon there are few reasons to open Tidal.
One o them is to see new albums and tracks sorted by genre.
Actually this function is missing in Roon.
Do you think is possible to have it in the future?



My guess is no because this point/issue has been brought up by several people here and the Roon dev team have yet to reply over the course of a couple months. I agree it’s the main thing the Roon/Tidal integration is seriously missing.

Ok Mystic.

Thank You

When you browse TIDAL content on Roon, you’re seeing Roon’s genres, not TIDAL’s.

Roon and TIDAL use different genre systems. TIDAL has about 20 genres, and Roon has well over 500–this mismatch is why we didn’t do this from day 1–we need to come up with a mechanism for populating the pages for all of the genres.

A genre-based browser for TIDAL content using Roon’s genre hierarchy is in the roadmap, but the goal isn’t to directly replicate TIDAL’s genre content–it’s to create a rich genre-based browse experience for TIDAL content within Roon’s metadata universe.

Are there any plans to add focus features to the Tidal search as well? Like search by year, country, record label?

Focus-style filtering doesn’t scale well to sets of data as large as TIDAL’s. Exposing raw filtering functionality works well in situations where displaying the whole un-filtered result set is practical and useful, but it doesn’t work great when you’re starting from a list of millions of albums, many of which are low-quality from a metadata or content standpoint.

If we introduce that sort of functionality, it will probably be by expanding the browsing capabilities. I know we’ve had some discussions about creating “label pages”.

Thanks @brian for the explanation. I think what most people, me included are having an issue with Tidal in Roon is that there is no way to discover new release albums other than the 20-40 newly featured by Tidal. But for example in the “Metal” genre section in Tidal you get the latest 40+ newly released albums and for this you want to have a broader genre definitions without the sub-genres.

As it is now we have to use the website and find out which albums you may be interested in listening too and favourite it so you can listen to it in Roon, which Is a around about way of working and kinda takes the enjoyment out of using Tidal in Roon.

Yes, we simply want Roon to see what are the 40 albums that appears in the news for that genre in Tidal and show them in Roon. Simply as copy and paste. Or is not so simple?
Of course I am joking but this is what we want, nothing complicated as tags, sub-genres or something else…
The option to find music by tags we will be able to enjoy in other sections of Roon.


This is kind of what I’ve been saying about Roon and new music. It’s great for rediscovering your own music but very hard to discover new music. At least on Tidal they have it broken out by genre. So if you can have the new music broken out by Roon’s own genre labels on release date, that would be great. I’m still hope all the data from can by synced up on release date was well. Currently averaging about a 2 week lag.

Totally agree with this suggestion, Roon doesn’t allow you to discover new music in Tidal.

I don’t really need to ‘discover’ my own music, I know it well enough. Its new stuff that you want to be shown.

I hope this feature can be done soon, any idea about the timeline (hint hint)?


Any news on this? I’m a new user in evaluation and noticed the new music on tidal is all genres and I want to be able to narrow down the list by filtering (genre most especially).

As another user pointed out, it makes discovering music not so easy.

If you browse by Genre in Roon’s Tidal view, then the entry page for each genre shows “New Playlists”, “New Albums”, and “New Tracks”. For each of these sections, there is a “View All” link to display more content. Does this not help?

@Geoff_Coupe That actually works for me - thanks!