New albums missing on Roon's TIDAL

I added this album on Jan 12 but still don’t have any metadata for it. Is it just me?

I have got a small amount of meta-data (the album is identified). For example in Album credits

I have that too, but no AMG review and no lyrics. I guess I’m not the only one.

Two very new albums, both available on TIDAL:
1- Rihanna’s “ANTI”
2- Sia’s “This Is Acting”

Roon shows ‘2’ but not ‘1’. What gives?


The explanation from Roon is what I expected - good to know.

I am not sure I understand your “10 minute” bit… Sia’s album, which was released one day after Rihanna’s is there whereas Rihanna’s is not. But I do understand metadata sources can be different for different labels, plus the fact that Rihanna’s album was released in a novel way: On TIDAL first, then elsewhere.

Sometimes we get a data dump from TIDAL that says This album will be available for streaming on this day – our system is built to handle this, and the album will show up at the right time when we have this type of advance notice.

Other times, especially with regards to “surprise” releases, or “event” releases (Rihanna, The Beatles, Adele’s single"), TIDAL flips the switch and our database needs to catch up, which can take a day or two. We’re working on some plans for making this better, but that’s the current state of affairs.

Regardless of the normal process, I just looked and it appears that we may have missed an update, putting us slightly more behind than normal --@jeremiah and I are looking into it. Thanks for the report.

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@mike I still to this day cannot add Rihanna’s ANTI on TIDAL to my library…

I can - but immediately deleted it again.


Yeah, I was able to add it as well @miguelito so something must be different about your situation.

Any idea if you “favorited” ANTI on Tidal before it was available in Roon? Or have you only tried adding it to your library in Roon?

I would also recommend trying to clear your TIDAL cache – let me know if that helps, ok?

Yes, I had favorited the album before it was in Roon. I also had favorited two of her ANTI albums (there are four actually). Unfavorited all and favorited the top one, and cleared Roon’s TIDAL cache and I was able to add it to my library. Thx.

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Hello Roon,
Is there a bug that prevents certain albums like this one from being visible in Roon?

FWIW - the album shows on Auralic’s Lightning DS App in the Tidal services. Just doesn’t show on Roon.

Taylor Swift had it removed :grinning:


It’s just that Roon uses some days to chew and ingest the stuff and present it in a great Roon way. It’s not blocked or anything.

A few more days without Kanye’s latest. Bliss!


Indeed !! On a related note, @palbratelund, I wish the marketing emails about new releases on Tidal were not always about the same inner clique of artists. I really have no interest in these guys.

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It is now showing up but does not allow me to add to my library.

I favourited it in the Tidal app when released before it came into Roon. FYI, I un-favourited it in Tidal and it will still not allow me to add in Roon.

Kanye West’s album not showing up sounds like a good feature to me :slight_smile:

I read where Kanye’s new album did this:

That’s a good thing, no?