New Albums on Tidal

Not a Roon Issue - just a quirk with how Tidal does thing.

I was accessing Tidal from a web browser and not through Roon.

Does anyone else notice Tidal does not list ALL new albums on their “ALBUMS-NEW” Tab on their home page? I thought I noticed this before, but recently I had a new album I was looking for - listen to before purchasing. Looked at the NEW albums, and it was not there. Searched for it, and album was there.

Strange Tidal, strange…

Yeah, I know what you mean. Tidal seems to make it’s own choices regarding which new albums to display.

This is something I’d like Roon to do better: analyze my library and inform me when an artist I have in my library releases a new album.

But for now, I am content to follow Allmusic, Rolling Stone, etc. to find out new releases.

It’s best to go into the Genres section in Tidal, and that’s where you will find the latest added releases… most times you won’t see these releases on the front page! Works for me!

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