New Albums sparse on Tidal than Qobuz - using roon

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I feel new albums in Tidal are being suppressed when viewed through Roon, than compared to Qobuz. I always thought its because Tidal didn’t carry some albums but when I go into Qobuz for a new album there is also a Tidal version under “Versions” tab. So why is Tidal in roon showing much lesser new albums, than it does for Qobuz? Its causing me to miss new albums that come out.

Hi @Rajiv_Joseph,

Due to the deep integration we have with TIDAL, there can be a delay between when a new album is released and when it appears in Roon:

From our Help Center:

When you’re browsing TIDAL in Roon, you’re seeing Roon’s TIDAL database, not a direct pass-through of what’s shown on TIDAL – that’s why there’s so much more metadata, like recording dates, lyrics, links to composers, credits, etc. This is also why Roon can sometimes be slightly behind TIDAL when a brand new release comes out – our database is generated multiple times per week, but sometimes a new album will just barely miss the cutoff and will show up in a day or two.

I don’t think we are talking of the same thing. There may be a delay in albums to appear in Tidal, but what if doesn’t show up under New at all? If you have Tidal and Qobuz, do the following:

Look for an album that’s released a week or two ago in both Tidal and Qobuz, look for one that shows in Qobuz but not in Tidal under New. My assumption was Tidal just didn’t carry that album but it does not seem to be the case. Go into that Album in Qobuz and you will find there is a Tidal version of it under Versions. For Eg, ‘The Democracy Suite’ album. There are many more from just the last couple of weeks.

I’m under Qobuz trial and once it ends I will not know there are corresponding new albums on Tidal since it will not show up unless searched for, which is a disadvantage under roon.

Hi @Rajiv_Joseph,

Can you share a screenshot of where you’re looking in Roon and then an album that you’re able to find with a search but it isn’t showing up? It would be helpful to see an example of this. Thanks!

Here is a series of 4 screenshots.
1 - Just Tidal through roon. New Albums are displayed.
2 - Just Qobuz through roon. Notice how the albums are nowhere near the same, with Qubuz having more albums.
3 - Picked 4th Album from Qobuz (The Democracy Suite). since its not listed in Tidal my assumption is Tidal does not carry this album.
4 - When I click Versions tab within that album, there is indeed a Tidal version with the same release date but its just not displayed in Tidal’s New album view.

You will find many such albums like this missing from Tidal’s new album view. Pick the two albums before my example as well, same case. So many more. My Qobuz trial ends tomorrow and I will now not know if a new album is release without it being listed in the New Releases view under Tidal.

Support, 3 days for a revert?

Bumping for a response. A week and still no reply.

Bumping again.

Bumping again.

Amazing customer support from Roon. Bumping again.

And again.

I opened a support issue more than 2 weeks ago which has received no visibility from Roon Support. I sent a PM to the support manager who initially responded and this went into ether as well. Very poor customer service to lifetime member. Opening a new query for visibility.

Original issue:

Apologies for the delay here, @Rajiv_Joseph!

There are some instances where there is a delay between a new release coming out on TIDAL and it being available in Roon, but I’ve passed your feedback on the TIDAL What's New page for our team to investigate further. Apologies for the trouble here!

Any further updates? Is there a defect logged?

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