New Apple metadata tags, Work etc

I am presently ripping the Decca 225 CD album of all Mozart’s music using Dbpower amp (latest) and assigning the category of either Classical or Opera which triggers the extra classical tags of “Work”, and Movement(s) 3 tags additional. This allows the CD tracks to be separately tagged as to work (symphony x K etc,) with 3 movements that are described.

  1. Does Roon make use of these new Apple tags since they now exist in the iTunes metadata?
  2. At presently my Roon system has one album “The New Complete edition” of Mozart CD’s 225 in number which I realise is a computational and database horror if we are primarily choosing on an album basis. This is because I tried to search on an obscure opera and this stumped Roon a bit. Very unsporting of me I admit, but stress testing database software is fun :slight_smile: I have not filled in the data for the new Apple tags either.
  3. Present roon system is roon server/client (original program) on MacPro with 32Gb RAM, and music on WD Thunderbolt due 3Tb raid1 external drive.
  4. Randomly choosing a disk in the enormous album (225 cds) is no problem and Roon works efficiently. Searching a particular opera or work is another matter entirely because the way the metadata is structured Roon has to read each track to glean which tracks relate to what work and order etc. Normally the album would describe the contents but not this release - many CD’s are albumised (neologism) “The New Complete Edition”, so we end up with an album with 225 cds.
  5. Maybe rip the Mozart set into iTunes and complete the new metadata tags in iTunes which then feeds Roon.
  6. I rip the cd’s into uncompressed FLAC files for metadata purposes.
  7. It would be nice if Roon could index classical music according to work and movements, as defined by the Apple tags, and we could search at the Roon main screen the work we were looking for.
    8.If I have to rip them into iTunes then so be it to make it work, but then I need to upgrade the iTunes drive as it is a SSD of small size (iTunes I simply use as muzak for the car).
    9.The Hi Fi is Lumin U1 feeding Accuphase system and Larsen 8 speakers.

Oh, Itunes, many of the music albums are purchased on iTunes and obviously not un compressed files. Hi Fi resolution is maintained if CD’s are ripped into iTunes.

I also rip the track data as “track number” as the full track detail in the cd metadata sometimes exceeds the 256 limit on file name descriptions.

Unbelievable but after ripping 133 cd’s and then Rooning them, I discover Roon has attributed rec entry departed US pop star Michael Jackson as the composer of various Mozart minuets.

Tal about being Rooned…Hanrahan.