New Ayre QX-5 Twenty shows up as "Uncertified" [Solved]

My new Ayre QX-5 Twenty with the latest firmware shows up as “uncertified” under “Audio” and “networked”. I know that the Aure is certified by Roon. My macOS version is 10.13.3. I used a PS Audio Directstream day up until yesterday, and that unit worked perfectly. What could be wrong? @support

Could there be a firmware update for the Ayre? Also I an anxious to hear your impressions of the differences between the Ayre and the PS Audio.

In my honest opinion, I think that the Ayre´s analogue circuit far surpasses the PS Audio´s - it is extremely quiet. The Ayre sounds less strident in my setup, yet more resolving. The bass-quality of the Ayre is out of this world. It also works far better as a preamp, without the hiss I experienced with the PS Audio when using the +20dB attenuator. However, when it comes to digital prowess, I would never doubt Ted Smith of PS Audio.

This is probably nothing to worry about, but I would confirm that all versions are current (Settings > About), and I would power cycle the QX-5 Twenty too.

Let us know how that goes @Kim_Boyall!

Powered off/on, network reset done.
The problem still persists!

Any suggestion???

Problem solved. FW reinstalled and NET reset re-done.

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