"New" Banners should not disappear until album is played

I think the “New” banners would be most beneficial if they only went away after a newly added album was played for the first time. Right now they just go away after a unknown period of time which is basically useless…

Sure, or maybe it’s “new” for a set period and then it becomes “unplayed.”

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Well, things don’t stay new forever…

If you want to zoom in on unplayed albums, use Focus (Played in the last > All time, make selection negative, sort by date added and bookmark if you wish).

The ‘new’ banner disappears after a couple of days (five, I believe), since they’re no longer deemed new to your system. IMO, it would make little sense to litter the library with ‘new’ banners labelling albums that were added months ago – hence my remark about things not staying new forever.

I suggest focus to view albums that are new (unplayed) to you.

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Yes new could imply newly added ad/or new and not played. I believe if a new banner is showing and then u play a track it goes away implying its the latter and not the former.
I see no reason for the 5 day limit, they could be much more useful with my suggestion.

the logic is this:

1. if played, not new
2. if date imported is more than 7 days ago, not new
3. if date imported is same as date roon was installed, not new
4. if none of the above, then new!

The motivation to point out recent imports you haven’t played when browsing.

The reasoning behind each step of logic above is:

1. played things are not new to you
2. things you imported ages ago are not new anymore
3. things you imported on day 1 are not new, they just are.

You seem to be disagreeing with step 2’s reasoning… it’s one viewpoint, one we looked at and chose against. Maybe the 7 days was too short, but “forever” is way too long. I’m open to improvements here, but your idea would annoy the many Roon members that collect more music than they can listen to.

User entered number of days for #2?

I tend to agree with OP. Nice to see albums I’ve added but not played. Even if weeks later. If I find “New” that I just don’t seem to play, time to delete or archive.

Same thing could probably be done with tags, but a pain to keep adding and removing tags for this purpose.

The best way to do it, IMHO, is to go to albums, select Focus, Played in the Last drop-down choose All Time. Then click on the +Played to make it a -Played. This gives me all the albums that I have never played.

I then made a bookmark and call it Never Played and saved it. This way as I add new albums, they will appear in the bookmark and, of course, as I play a “never listened to” album it will drop off the bookmark.


Sounds viable. I’ll give it a try tonight!

The point of my original post was the action of the blue banners.

Based on Danny’s thoughts I think there should be an on-off selection for them to let the user decide how they want them…

The solution would be perfect if Roon didn’t consider “listened” an album after 30 seconds from the first track.

Roon should classify it as “listened” only after all his tracks have> = 1

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Dear All,

Forst of all thanks to RBM for the tip to focus on all unplayed.

That works perfect for me. I would also be very happy if logic Nr2: 2. “if date imported is more than 7 days ago, not new” could become a setting, something like “Banner disapears after X days” - where 99 could be forever until played.

Kind regards

That is a great suggestion… surface the rules and make them configurable. I suspect that same suggestion could be applied across a number of areas where rules are applied in some advanced settings area.