New Baseline Specs to support Roon Core?

With the Mac OS upgrade and some older version no longer able to support Roon, the minimum baseline has changed. What are the new minimum requirements?

Exactly what issues are you having and what os versions and hardware specs? Typically any restrictions on os versions it would be likely that the hardware was below min spec anyway. I run Roon on 10.11.6 with no issues.

I think from the discussion here: Roon no longer opening on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (Build 354) @Dave_Housteau raises a valid question – at least as long as still says:

@support Maybe there’s an official KB update needed? Also it would be nice if this information would be easily reachable from the Downloads and “Not sure what to download” pages - me thinks. :wink:

Yes, exactly. I have 10.8 and will need to upgrade my computer to go higher than that. The new security update in the latest OS now prevents Roon from working on 10.8.