New bookmarks should be top of the list, not bottom

Don’t see this listed under similar topics. I think it would make way more sense (and be less frustrating) if newly created bookmarks were displayed at the top of the Bookmark list, not at the bottom. If there is a way to do this and I just don’t see it, please let me know.

It doesn’t seem high on the priority list

Thanks @Larry_Post. Looks like you’re right, and that there are a variety of Bookmark requests. Hopefully the Roon team can take a comprehensive look at the Bookmark manager.

I’ve read that none on the team are particularly heavy playlist users themselves…

There was a good thread where requests were solicited from the forum but it was in 2016 or 2017.

Not only on the team. There are probably also many users that hardly ever use playlists. I for myself never use them.

Whether people use lists or not surely has nothing to do with the feature request?
Pretty sure roon can see the usage statistics.


I suspect it has to do with age or something else. I grew up in the mixtape generation of the 80s. I might listen to full albums 20% of the time, otherwise it’s playlists and Roon Radio or heaven forbid low bitrate internet streams that sound very satisfying on my rather high resolution system.


To those who don’t use playlists, how are your comments relevant? There are those that do. But more to the point, I’m referring to Bookmarks, not Playlists. And simply that when you create a bookmark, that the new one be shown at the top of the list, not the bottom as is the case now. Seems counterintuitive. It also seems like a fairly easy change to implement.

To all those who don’t use Bookmarks, there is really no need for you to tell us that.

Ashes on our head, you are completely right !