New Brooklyn DAC+ (owners thread)

Greetings All,

I just received the new Brooklyn DAC+ and have it running with my system (USB from Auralic Aries). Everything seems to be running well, but I’m opening this thread in case anyone has pointers or issues with getting the best setup going with Roon. There are a lot of differences in the build Brooklyn+ vs. the previous version. Anyone else have one yet?

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uh, I’m on the edge of getting one myself… What are your thoughts so far?
Especially in conjunction with roon of course :slight_smile:

I think it is amazing… especially for the price. There will definitely be a lot more products with MQA scenarios coming out in the next year. For now, most of my listening is done through Tidal, so this works perfectly. I have it paired with an Auralic Aries, and Roon… Set up was easy.

Hi, did you have the Brooklyn original before? Or what else have you compared to? Would be interested to hear more…

I looked at a lot of products out there… I was going to buy the original Brooklyn, but waited a few months when I heard the new version was coming out. Most of all, this was a fit for me as I am most focused on streaming through Tidal and having MQA. It also seems to work very well with the Auralic Aries. The new DAC chip is a real upgrade, and I’m not sure there really is anything to compare this to in the price range. I also like that I can upgrade at some point and the Brooklyn+ will make for a great headphone amp in the future. I am really only using it for the DAC right now, and passing through to a preamp. As, I said earlier, I’m sure many new products will be coming out with MQA, but this seems to be the only product that is in this “class” of quality and price point for the moment. With that said, I’m very happy with it, and do not see much of a need for an upgrade in the near future. Sure, the high priced DACs will produce something better but this seems 90% as good as anything I have been listening to on similar systems regardless of price.


Hi all

maybe you could support me in achiving native DSD256 with the Brooklyn+ … any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi all, Looking closely at DAC+ for MQA capability (also phono). So far I have relied on Pre/proc to handle DNLA streaming from music server for HIres play (lan/Serviio on Windows) Looking to Tidal for HIres library top sample prior to HDTrack purchases. Relative novice to internet streaming. New Marantz AV7704 with Heos , also Roon Ready Oppo UDP203 (no MQA support ion Oppo).

Not sure how to loop in DAC+, do I need a dedicated streamer/player feeding bits to the DAC+ I’m figuring the DAC+ cannot stream on its own. Tried a BlueOS node2 for a while but analogue to my proc was not as good as I like also if it feeds a digital stream to a dac (7704 internal dac) the target dac must decode MQA which the 7704 does not.

A close competitor to the DAC+ would be the Lumin D2 which I think may stream natively

Reasonably tech savvy gear head here, just newish to the streaming landscape.

Also is there an android control app for DAC+

Not familiar with your Marantz but yes, you still need something that can connect with Tidal and send it to the DAC+. I use the AURALiC Aries. You could save some money and use the Aries Mini as well- it’s less than half the price.

Thanks for the speedy reply, I thought so, Aries mini with DAC+ alternatives would be a blue node 2 with or without DAC+ (no Roon support) or an all in one solution would be the Lumin d2. which I’m pretty sure will function as a Roon endpoint.
The Marantz AV7704 uses its HEOS app with it’s built in Tidal streaming but no MQA support on that.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an especially good headphone paired with the DAC+?

I use the Sennheiser HD650 with great pleasure. It is very good and not that expensive.

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I was at CanJam NYC today and tried the Brooklyn DAC+ and loved it. I had a chance to listen to the original Brooklyn DAC at last year’s CanJam and the DAC+ is definitely a nice improvement. I loved it so much, I paid for one right there. I have to go pick it up from their office in the next few days. I’m excited!

When originally reading up on the Brooklyn, I came upon users who reported occasional lockups that required a hard restart of the unit. Does that happen with the Brooklyn DAC+? Any other quirks that I should be aware of?

I love mine as well. The only issue I have so far is that the optical input seems to skip in and out. I was using it to go optical out into the DAC+ from my TV. Not sure why, so instead I used to Coax input and it works fine. All my music comes through USB and sounds fantastic.

I ordered my Brooklyn DAC+ from Music Direct a couple weeks ago and still waiting for it to be in stock. :thinking: Anyone know a supplier that has stock?

Which headphones did you try with it?

I’m picking up mine today from Mytek’s office. Apparently it sometimes takes awhile for them ship from Poland. So there’s definitely a new batch that just came in today. Though I don’t know if any of these units are bound to ship to Music Direct. Perhaps they drop ship?

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I tried it with my own LCD-XCs and a pair of LCD-4s.

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Anyone have a Brooklyn in a system with a Marantz AV8801/2? I had big problems with an Altair when the IR power codes overlapped between the two devices and turning on the Altair would turn off the Marantz. Fun.

Any known IR conflicts in a home theater system?


So I’m using the Mytek ASIO driver in Roon without any issues. Whenever I try to use the Mytek WASAPI driver, I get the error message, “Transport: failed to initialize the audio device”. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

Figured it out! Had to disable the ASIO driver first.