New Brooklyn DAC+ (owners thread)

Ended up canceling my order with Music Direct and ordering it from Moon Audio. Happily enjoying the music now.

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I wonder if anyone else can replicate this – not sure if this is by design or a bug. My B+ is connected to a Win10 computer and the relevant settings are as follows:
Input: USB
Volume Control: ANLG
USB Volume: Win

In Roon, I’m using the Mytek ASIO driver. The Volume Control Mode is set to “Use Brooklyn DAC+ (WASAPI)”. Volume control works as it should with PCM files as I’m able to control it from my keyboard and it’s instantly reflected in Roon and the B+. However, when I play DSD files and try to change the volume, I see it changing in Roon, but it’s not actually changing on the B+. I can only change volume directly on the B+ with the volume control knob.

Anyone else seeing this? Not sure if this is a bug in Roon or in Mytek’s driver.

I love mine so far. I love that I can just toss any ol’ file over to it and it plays it with aplomb. I will compare it soon to my other DACs.

Looks like it’s a Mytek driver problem. They posted a new firmware this morning and pulled it not long after discovering the DSD volume issue.

Have had mine since Early December, never had an issue. Leave it on 24/7, love it.

I’m expecting delivery of a new DAC+ today. Ordered the components to make a balanced 4-pin from the two 1/4 TRS outputs. Has anyone made their own cable? I’ve read the manual and a few other posts that say the right 1/4 plug on the Brooklyn is wired out of phase.

Does this just mean I need to reverse GND and (+) when wiring? If anyone has made their own cable a diagram (or link?) would be super handy!

Here’s a link to the wiring diagram on Mytek’s site:

Thank you, Sir!

You’re welcome! Let me know if you detect a hiss.

I bought an adapter off of eBay. Not sure if it’s the adapter or just how the B+ is, but I get a little bit of hiss using my headphones in balanced mode whereas it’s dead quiet in unbalanced mode.

Parts came in this morning and I just finished making the cable. I don’t detect any hiss - I’ll have some more time tonight to really give 'er a listen but it sounds good so far with my LCD2s.

I just used Neutrik gold plated connectors and Mogami cable.

Maybe I’m putting too much emphasis on there. I can hear a slight hiss, but it’s not by any means distracting and definitely doesn’t interfere music listening.

Is anyone using the Brooklyn DAC+ with the Brooklyn AMP?

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Yes. Very happy with it. Running Roon ROCK on a NUC. Using an Auralic Aries G1 feeding into the DAC+ via USB.

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I’m also using the DAC+ with the AMP. Very pleased with the set.
I have an ultraRendu to feed the DAC+. The AMP is feeding B&W 683 S2 speakers. Roon runs on a NUC with Windows 10.

I used to have a Rotel RB-1572 (which is also great), but for me the Brooklyn AMP sounds better. I also like the small form factor. It does get a bit hot after some time, but it’s got temperature protection, so nothing to worry about.


Using the Brooklyn combo DAC+/AMP feeding KEF Reference 3s. (with ifi micro iusb feeding the DAC)
Quite pleased, lot more detail with Brooklyn amp than with Rega Elex-R that i previously had.
It is somewhat light on the bass.

This has improved though with better XLR interconnects. Gone from Audioquest DiamondBack to Audioquest Columbia and it really opened the sound and gave it some more weight.


We’ve been using the Brooklyn DAC+ and AMP combo successfully with several speakers. Clients love the sound, simplicity and form factor. It sounds wonderful with the Boenicke W5 speakers.

There is a nice review in Stereophile:

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when I connect the Brooklyn DAC+ to my iMac via USB, can I then use Tidal via Roon (iMac) with full MQA decoding (not only the MQA core)?


Quick question - I have a new SOtm Ultra Neo with BD+ and this sounded excellent in ‘Airplay mode’ … I now have a NUC+ and to be honest I was NOT impressed … I have started to look at the DSP engine and i have improved things …

What setup do you guys use for your Brooklyn DAC+ … Clearly my issue is DSP related NOT the H/W setup.

As an aside I am using a Parasound 2205 and Lexicon MC4 and Kef Ref 3.2 speakers, so a good setup.


I keep DSP turned off. Aries G1 grabs music from NUC off the network and feeds to DAC+ via USB cable.

Yes, assuming you set it up correctly in Roon.