New Brooklyn DAC+ (owners thread)

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Thanks for the replies.

I did speak to Hans B and he said he has no DSP set on.

I am guessing that I have an issue from the Nuc+ to Router … So could be Power supply related for the NUC+ or Router. … but who knows…?

Re Roon … my SOtM sMS-200(RAAT) only shows up as that not Ultra Neo … but I guess that does not make a difference?




I have the DAC+ and was thinking of buying either a NUC or a SMS200UltraNeo.
Can you comment on how the SoTM SMS200 Ultra Neo via RAAT sounds vs the Nucleous connected directly to the DAC?

PS: any special power supply on the sotm/Brooklyn?


Hi. I recently purchased the Uptone JS-2 to power the DAC+. I think it made a real improvement in sound quality, and wierdly enough, my system is also louder now. There is a lot of discussion about which power supply for the DAC+ works best, but I am happy with my choice. YMMV.


Might be normal if the sound is more open/airy… i felt the same thing when I upgraded XLR interconnects from Audioquest DiamondBack to Columbia. Bigger sound coming from the source no doubt!

Am also evaluating getting a quality PS… But i get lost in which one, at which price, how further does it pay off…
Uptone, Brooklyn Bridge, KECES P8, Sbooster…

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Hi Jonnie,

I have no plans to move my Nuc+ from my office to the room that has the SOtM etc … I always planned to keep the NUc+ next to the Router (1/2m).

I am guessing, but it could be todo with the fact the nuc is connect with an Audioquest Ethernet cable to the Router …

The Nuc+ has the PS it comes with and the Router a cheap 12v 1amp PS …

The BDac+ is still using the mains cable … I plan the PS upgrade at somepoint, most likely the BOTW PS like Hans.

I know the SOtM and BD+ are a good setup as I was happy when I heard it in airplay mode running from my iphone using Tidal.

I just need to chase down my issues.

I am sorry this post is not a lot of help!


Any recommendations for the best way to setup Roon for the Brooklyn DAC+? There are volume settings in both Roon and the DAC+ that I’m afraid I don’t really understand. I also have not tried MQA or DSD yet and would benefit from experience here. Also, any preference between digital and analog volume control on the DAC+? Finally, in Roon I use the volume leveling in the DSP engine, so that may influence the best setup.

I’m currently connected to the DAC+ direct from my NUC through USB, but am eagerly counting down the days until my UltraRendu arrives.

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Some elements of answer here: Roon Device Parameters for Mytek DACs
i use what’s recommended (except I use native DSD, but its no different). in addition, Volume control in Roon is set to Device, DAC volume option to Analog and Bypass On, no DSP (sounds better to me after having toyed with upsampling to DSD 256 for couple of weeks).

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I just got an Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 12-31.2V MKII (what a mouthful) power supply for my B+. Quite happy with it.

Initial impressions:

  1. Greatly improved noise floor. A few months ago I mentioned hearing a hiss. After switch to the Sbooster, it’s virtually gone.
  2. Improved sound stage. It definitely sounds a tad wider than before.
  3. Improved detail retrieval.
  4. Better low end.

Overall this was a good upgrade for $400. The Sbooster folks recommend burning it in anywhere from 100 hours to 4 weeks. Hopefully, it’ll improve a bit more after that time period. All my listening so far has been with the Sbooster’s DV voltage set to 12V. However, they say it also sounds good at 13V and 13.2V. Looking forward to trying those settings.


Yes. I bought a different brand but the external power supply makes a huge difference with the Brooklyn DAC+. Money well spent!

Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans out there! :wink:


Agreed. Replacing the stock power supply for my Brooklyn DAC with a sBooster 12-13v was the biggest sonic upgrade of my system since, well, I added the Brooklyn DAC…

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With the power supply upgraded I think I might investigate changing out the USB cable with the a Curious Cable from Australia.

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I bought the UpTone Audio JS-2 supply for my Brooklyn DAC+. It is amazing. Made a huge difference in SQ and then I bought the Ghent Audio cable to pair with it and took it up another notch. Great combination.

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I didn,t like the NUC directly on the Mytek brooklyn plus as well. You kan put a SOtM txusb ultra between it and the jitter is gone an thinks will sound a lot better. I,m playing with Roon Ready on Nuc on my SOtM 200 ultra (trifecta) now and things sounds great. The Nucleus is a dedicated NUC with a better powersupply. You can easely use a better Power supply on the Nuc. at the moment i use a Keces p8 but a Sbooster will do a fine job as well…

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Offering results of my weekend installation adventures with Roon and a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.

I was having trouble with my windows 7 htpc used to run Roon. Rather than fix it, I decided to reinstall from scratch. First I went with Ubuntu 16, which was painful to get up and running, but I ultimately succeeded. However, the Roon server was unable to drive native DSD 256 on Linux with this DAC.

So Linux was a non-starter. So I went with Windows 10 instead. Simple to set up Roon and then I installed the latest Mytek drivers (again, very simple). Wasapi driver would not offer native DSD, but the ASIO did without any problem.

So, in short, if you want full range for DSD playback against. Mytek Brooklyn DAC+, go with Windows 10 and use ASIO.

Curious if anyone has had similar/different results.



There are other possibilities to run DSD256 other than windows. The key for DSD256 on the brooklyn is achieving native DSD instead of DoP.
You can either get this with the ASIO delivered by Mytek, or with a linux based server/streamer that has the necessary configurations for your dac id embedded in the kernel.

  • NUC or Nucleus running ROCK. (Roon has added support for Brooklyn DAC/DAC+ embedded on Roon Rock OS)
  • Streamer with embedded native DSD support (Sotm with its sms200 line has support for brooklyn and several other dacs)


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I thought about rock, but want to have a browser tuned in as a display.

My goal was to use my existing hardware, so I’m not really looking at purchasing anything else.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to configure a mytek Brooklyn DAC+ for Linux to get native dsd?