New Cambridge Audio DAC on the way

If the DAC has been given “Roon Tested” status by Roon Labs, then it would appear in the “Roon Tested” section of the list of Audio devices available in your setup (Settings > Audio), like this:

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Thanks. It looks like it isn’t even Roon Tested yet then. It’s not in the list of recognised CA devices.

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Looks like the only CA DACs that are Roon-Tested are the ones that are also Roon-Ready.

I’ve emailed Cambridge Audio about this. If they don’t reply in the next few days I’ll ring them.

Here’s the response fron CA about this…

Thank you for contacting Cambridge Audio.

The DacMagic 200M has been designed as a Roon Ready product, however, Roon don’t appear to have updated their system yet to include it in this classification.
This could be because they have not completed their testing or may be simply a result of a work backlog.
As a result, some Roon Ready features may not be available yet.

We are currently chasing up the certification status with Roon.

Then either me or CA do not understand the requirements of Roon Ready. As far as I am aware to be Roon Ready implies the implementation of RAAT as a network protocol. A DAC only device without network connection can never meet that requirement

The back panel has no network connection, it would require a bridge device to connect

Direct connection by USB may qualify for Roon Tested but not Roon Ready

Am I missing something ?

Mike I read that they meant Roon Ready for the streamers and Roon Tested for the DACS.
Misleading I understand especially giving the complaints against vendors that jumped the gun with this as well.

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That’s not what the bold statement above says, I’m a CA fan and long time user but that statement is either confused or downright wrong .

There are enough “premature” Roon Ready claims for kit that may sometime qualify, a DAC simply doesn’t. Ironically @danny commented that CA were a good team to work with, maybe he should set them , or me, straight.

I was seriously considered buying one, funnily enough the lack of a remote put me off as my DAC has to pass WAF and be hidden in a glass unit. I hope I know enough to not be swayed by what looks like false claims BUT as we know a lot of Roon users have been caught short by such claims. Witness the Sep 21 debacle …

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Hi, I shepherd the partner programs here at Roon.

The marketing team at Cambridge has mistakenly labeled the DACMagic 200, which is not a Network Player, as Roon Ready, not Roon Tested.

The CS person is correct that there was a delay, but incorrect about the designation… The DACMagic200 will be profiled as a Roon Tested USB DAC, not certified as a Roon Ready network player.


Hi @rob

CA are normally so good and accurate it seemed out of character for them to “pull the wool”

I have been using their kit since my first DAC , the DAC Magic 100 and am a big fan.

Out of interest the CXN had an issue (using Rpi / Riopeee) with Linux and Class 2 USB a while back @spockfish pinned it down to their implementation of USB. The 200 has only Class 2 USB I see , I wonder if that glitch has been eliminated. I can find the thread if you want it.

That’s been available here in the US for at least a few weeks. Looks like a great value.

Thanks for all the replies I look forward to the Roon Tested status for the 200M.

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I note the 200M is is now officially Roon Tested.

I identified the 200M to Roon, and the first thing I noticed is that Roon sets the 200M as an MQA renderer only. When it is both a decoder and renderer.

Though I’m not really a big MQA user, this device does make a big play about its MQA capabilities.

So I’m slightly confused by this.

I believe that Roon does the first decode by default so that you can use the DSP functions of Roon on the stream (e.g. for room corrections). If the DAC handles everything, you can’t use Roon’s DSP with the stream. More info here:

Thanks Geoff. That begs the question why have an option to set as ‘Decoder and Renderer’. And I can confirm it’s the only way to get the DAC 200M to show the much coveted blue light.

To top it off, the 200M is not separately listed as a ‘Roon Tested’ device in settings / Audio. It’s just grouped, as before, with the PC connected devices.

I’m guessing that because this is a new device, it won’t yet be shown in the Roon Tested grouping until the next build of Roon is released?

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Buongiorno, ho acquistato Cambridge Audio dacmagic 200M in rete e mi arriverà tra qualche giorno:mi domando devo dire installare i driver Cambridge Audio per Windows 10 oppure Roon riconosce e installa tutto automaticamente.


Quoting from the DacMagic 200M manual:

Windows-based PCs require a Cambridge Audio USB driver to be installed before connection

The driver can be found here. :wink:

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