New Charles Lloyd is MIA

Charles Lloyd new album Tone Poem is out on Qobuz in 24/96, but Roon still only has the CD version. The 24/96 shows as unavailable in Roon, except for the two pre-release teaser tracks.

Please add this.

Unfortunately it can often take a day or two for new releases to show up in the Roon database. It has always been that way. It will, no doubt, be there soon.

OK. Thanks for the quick response. I’ll just play it without Roon.

It is 24/96 here.

Nope, this is still unavailable in my Roon. Looks like a bug to me.

This is one more reason to reconsider my subscription when it comes up next month (I don’t really care for the 1.8 update either). Now that Naim has a native Qobuz app, maybe it’s just no longer worth spending the money on Roon, and I have another use for my NUC.

It’s in Roon via Tidal Master here in the UK. I’ll give it a spin some time soon.

I had to remove it from my Roon library, bring it up in Qobuz where I marked as a favorite, and then go back to Roon and add it back again.

And I keep saying vinyl is a big PITA… :roll_eyes:

It’s not a bug. It’s in my Roon now; it wasn’t an hour ago. Roon is not immediate when it comes to new releases. It never has been (long before 1.8) and never claimed to be.

In my experience, if I press the Refresh button, then the Roon - Qobuz synchronization is done immediately.
Charles Lloyd 24/96 is in my library for 2 days.

Well, that’s quite the timing coincidence, then. I checked Roon. It was unavailable. I removed the album. I checked Qobuz for it and made it a favorite. Then in Roon I added it back. That took all of about 15 seconds.

The reason I did it like that is someone on another forum said they had the same issue as me, and they told me to try what I just said I did. So what worked for them worked for me, but at different times. I’m still unconvinced about that coincidence in timing.

If I understand correctly, it must be in the Roon database first. That takes some time. If it isn’t, I assume syncing will do nothing. Coincidentally, I was looking for this album earlier today, before you posted about it. (I saw it mentioned on Facebook.) It definitely wasn’t there until later in the day for me.

It’s been there for a couple weeks, with just two tracks available. I added it to my library with the two available teaser tracks when I first saw it last month. Friday 3/12 was the full release. The CD version became available right away, but that wasn’t in my library. The 24/96 version with just the two teaser tracks was in my library, but I never got the rest of them until I removed it from my library and added it back. I think that’s the bug. I had the preview version in my library so it never updated. That matches the experience of another user who told me what I needed to do to get it right.

There’s no way the other user and I had the exact same timing coincidence, but at completely different times. It’s a bug!

Do you expect Roon to automatically replace the preview album with the final one? I think the two albums have different IDs, so for Roon they are two different albums. I’m not sure…
You’re not talking about single albums, are you?

So what? I added it weeks ago, and not the EPs either. It was the full 24/96 album with nine tracks. All but tracks 2 and 3 were marked as unavailable, and when it released on 3/12 there was nothing (no versions) in the Roon interface for a different 24/96 version with all nine tracks available. I had no way to add the complete 24/96 version without removing it first. This is a Roon syncing bug. I see no other explanation.

I think you should direct this thread to technical support.

I have what I need and the other argument about it is pointless. I’m just going to unwatch this thread and move on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yet the Qobuz app says it was released by the label on March 11, three days ago.