New computer to run roon

I have been running the Roon base using my husband’s computer. He now has a new one and everything was copied over to this however whilst we have the roon logo and app on the desktop it is not allowing us to access our account. How can we correct this please?

I’ve moved your post to the Support section of the forum, where it will be seen and responded to by a member of the Support team.

Can you provide some more details to aid them in their diagnosis?

  • What is the computer (a Windows PC or a Mac)

  • Was Roon downloaded from the Roon Labs website and installed on the new computer (saying that “everything was copied over” is a bit ambiguous)

  • Do you have Desktop shortcuts for both Roon and Roon Server on the Desktop?

Hi @Gail_Bernard,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. In addition to answering @Geoff_Coupe’s questions please upload a screenshot of what you see when trying to start Roon.

Roon Nucleus Core - REVB1TB serial # purchased August 2022

internet provider is Telstra

Previous computer was a MacBook Pro

New upgraded computer is a MackBook Air

Whilst data and apps were copied onto the new computer; all current data also remains on the old computer. It may be that the operating connection is still on it. I was nervous to wipe it out in case we lost everything.

How do we cancel o and set up new one on new computer?

Also I’m concerned that I may not recall the password…what then?

You can have as many Roon clients as you want. They can be computers, laptops, phones, and/or tablets. Forget the old computer. On the new computer do a clean install of Roon from the Roon downloads page. You don’t need to run Roon server on the new computer since your Nucleus is your Roon server.

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If you have a Nucleus all you need to do is a fresh install of the Roon remote on the new computer. The nucleus should hold your settings. Do you have music stored locally on the old computer?

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