New Core or New Drive Library Performance

Running a 2011 i5 2.4Ghz with 16GB Ram and seeing a major slowdown at 100K tracks, 4500 albums. Track to track using radio is 10-20+ seconds. Playlists have the same issue.

Option 1 -

Split the 2.5TB library on a WD spinning USB drive between two new 2TB SSD’s I don’t yet own.

Option 2 -

Upgrade the Core


SSDs will help, but you need to gather more data first to answer this question.

Somewhere in the Roon UI is a readout of how fast the Core is processing your audio. I just spent a couple of minutes looking for it on the Android remote, but couldn’t find it. Anyway, if that is low (less than double digits, say), your core is underpowered and you may want to replace it. If not, I’d go with the SSDs, which after all you can still use if you decide to upgrade the core.

If you are waiting 20 seconds between tracks it isn’t your drive. These drives can deliver those little bits of data a lot faster than that.

To be clear, this isn’t happening if you just play an album, but IS happening if you ask Roon to pick the tracks via Radio, correct?
This seems odd. That’s a really long delay. Do you see other signs of sluggishness when you are using Roon?
Is Roon installed on a Solid State Drive (SSD)? That is where the database will reside. If that is on a spinning disk, you are going to have agonizingly slow performance with such a large library. Upgrading a Core with the DB on a spinning disk probably won’t get you very far either.

Yes roon is on a crucial internal ssd. The external drive may be the issue although it is under six months old. Maybe I use the second backup to rebuild the library and see if the issue persists. It’s been flawless until I went over 100K tracks but that’s all the music I have now so need to get it working better again. Won’t get much larger.

How long ago did you add all the songs?
I could see some slow down if you were still processing a lot of files.

Is this a 2011 Mac? I ask because as I understand this, Roon will install on the boot disk. If you added the SSD later and didn’t reinstall the OS to the SSD, Roon may not be on the SSD?

This just seems a lot longer than I’d expect for every track. Support might be able to help you here, but you’d either need to repost to Support or I can move it over there if you wish.

Regardless of where I’m playing Roon from (iPad, iPhone or iMac) the issue persists. Some tracks are a 1-3 seconds, many are much longer.

Has anyone split their library between two USB drives? I gave up on using my Synology as it was too slow and changes were not always saved.

I’m currently using a single drive but prior to that I had two 3TB drives attached to my core and it worked without any issues.