"New" Core Won't Maintain Connection with Roon Servers

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini (2014) running Monterrey.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hitron modem with Orbi mesh system, connected via ethernet to Core via basic switch.

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I recently repurposed my vintage 2009 Mac Mini to use as a Roon server in a new property and therefore acquired a newer 2014 model to use at home.

The 2009 version ran Legacy 1.8 flawlessly. However, the newer version is having issues. It will not maintain a connection with the Roon servers for some reason. Therefore, after a period of time (typically around an hour or so) it will no longer be to able to load the full Home screen - NRFY and any Roon-related playlists will be omitted. It also will not search Tidal - any search is limited to my library only. The only thing that fixes the issue is to restart the Core, but again the connection is only maintained temporarily.

I reconnected the older 2009 Core and it still works perfectly, so clearly it is an issue with the settings of the newer Core. I made sure that the network settings between the two are the same but it didn’t resolve the issue.

I searched the other help topics but didn’t see any issues that were similar to this. My knowledge of networking is poor, but I am hoping that someone else might be able to help me here.

Many thanks,


Bumping as it’s still not working correctly. Have been playing around with settings but to no avail. My core still loses connectivity with the Roon servers after a few minutes.

This still isn’t working correctly…

Hi @GKern,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response from Roon on this.

We have taken a look at diagnostics for your core and found some general network connectivity errors.

To clarify, are you connecting a switch to an Orbi mesh node and then connecting devices to that switch? If so, this is the same as using Wi-Fi and is not recommended

Here are some things I would check.

  1. System Preferences > Network > Firewall. Try disabling and/or making exceptions for Roon. I would also look at the filters listed in this very same area and attempt to disable them too as part of the troubleshooting.

  2. Disable any and all AV or security software at least temporarily in order to eliminate the possibility of interference.

  3. Power cycle your network in order of modem>router>Mac>Roon endpoints.

Ultimately, I doubt there is a Roon software issue because you’re starting with a new instance of it. I’m thinking this is purely environmental and hopefully, some of the steps I provided will help.


Thanks, Wes. The core is wired to the Orbi router rather than to a node, as follows:

Modem → Orbi Base Router → Switch → MacMini Core

I agree that the issue is on my end, given it was working flawlessly with the old MacMini, but the network settings all seem to be the same and so I am unsure why it is acting up.

I will look into the other suggestions and report back.

Just trying to cover all of the bases, @GKern!

Please do let me know how things go with the other suggestions. I will be happy to look at diagnostics to see what if anything changed.

I know I had some funky issues when I updated my Mini to 13.0 but my only issues with prior versions of MacOS ended up being my networking setup. My Roon setup wasn’t playing nice with Comcast’s modem/router combo.