New DAC: Chord or IFI?

I’m very interested in Chord Qutest but also the Ifi pro idsd looks good (even if it costs almost double).

Unfortunately I do not have the chance to listen to them live (maybe just the Qutest), so i ask if any of you have them or have them heard and an opinion especially on the audio performance.
The price difference concerns only the major connections, options and design that the Ifi has? Or is there also a qualitative difference in acoustic output?

There is a difference in inputs. The iFi will be more versatile in dealing with DSD, PCM and eventually MQA natively. How they compare sound wise is subjective and ultimately down to taste if they differ.

If you plan to do upsampling with HQP or even Roon avoid the Qutest as you’re going to get into trouble (random white noise). Otherwise it’s an excellent machine.