New DAC : Gustard X16 or D70s?


I’m in the process of getting a new DAC. More than on the sound point of view, I’m interested to learn which of the two models is more “Roon friendly” as I read, for example, that there were some issues with the D90SE …


As much as I love them there have been some reports regarding the later models. I’m very happy with my original D70 though. But volume can’t be controlled via Roon lossless.

Thanks. I read about the D90SE…not sure anything on the D70s… let’s see.

i own a gustard A22, works great with roon.

3 weeks ago, I got a D90SE which while I loved it, I had to return it because was dropping and cutting with MQA songs played with Roon. If you don’t care about MQA, then the D90SE should work just fine.

Thanks Enrico. I’ll try to find out if the issues impacting the D90SE are also present in the D70s. I believe they don’t share the same chipset…
I’m skeptical on the MQA benefits but it also bothers me spending a significant amount of money on something that I know it has some incompatibilities out of the box…

the Gustard A22 doesn’t sound so fine with MQA, sometimes you think you can hear a very faint crackling sound. I switched from Tidal to Qobuz, there are no problems in HiRes.