New DAC to incorporate

I sold my old DAC and now am unsure how to tell Roon I have a new one?

  • My streamer is an Innuos Zen 3.
  • DAC is a Denafrips Pontus 2.

Where do I begin? Thank you very much!

You really don’t tell Roon at all.
Just connect it to the Innuos, power it up and Roon should see it.
I don’t think the Pontus is a Roon Tested device so you likely will not get a specific icon for it, probably a generic speaker icon.

In fact you may not even see anything in Roon past the Innuos.

My Gustard X16 is the same way.
Works just fine.
This is what I see for my dac.

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Okay. After some difficulty I deleted the Roon App. on my laptop.
How do I set it up again? All I see from Roon is this community.

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I downloaded the Mac version and put it in the app folder.
The Innuos still does not locate the server when I try to open it.

Hey @jeff_kalina,

It looks like you’ve been having some great help from some of our community members. Thanks @RBM , @AceRimmer and @Carl.

I wanted to check in and see if the connection between Roon and your new DAC is working? We’d love to help :nerd_face:

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