New DAC won't show up [SOLVED!]


still new and trying out Roon. Roon server runs on my QNAP NAS and I am controlling it from the iPad app. Today I bought a new (used) DAC, a Geek Pulse X fi together with a Geek LPS power supply. The connection is USB. It works well with my music collection on the NAS - with the QNAP music app. But the Roon app on the iPad doesn’t seem to recognize it, as it doesn’t show up on the list of possible audio outlets. I deleted Roon server and re-installed it on the QNAP without success. Roon was able to recognize the DAC system that I had before. How can I tell Roon that there is something behind that USB outlet that is able to manage music?

Thanks for any help!

Problem solved. Did find the menue where to activate the DAC.

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Just added “SOLVED!”.

Thanks! :+1: