New Dean Wareham album still unavailable on Roon

I know that it takes a while to update, but it’s now 4 days since this album was released and made available on Qobuz. Any news? I notice that there’s a similar delay with the new Adele album.

PS I also have nothing to say to the Mayor of LA - just in case you were wondering!

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It shows up for me using tidal, fwiw.


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I am having the same problem with Dean Warehams new album and Qobuz…

Update: Qobuz support has referred me to Roon again - doesn’t really help and shows too little interest in trying to solve the problem for my taste:

Could you try adding the album to your favourites via Qobuz and then see if it shows up in your favourites in your Roon interface?".
Alternatively, we would recommend you contact Roon Support to see where the problem might be in Roon. Unfortunately, we do not have any insight or access to the Roon ecosystem on our part.

Please feel free to keep us updated in this regard.

Hi @UliR . Did you read @dylan’s post that I referred to a couple of posts up? The problem is that we’ve not yet received the metadata for this album. We’ll notify that thread when it’s resolved.


Hi @joel, yes, thank you. I read it. Nevertheless, I found the answer from Qobuz support a bit weak. But thanks, it’s all cleared up for me now. Hope to hear the album via Roon soon. Many thanks and best regards!

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The Dean Wareham album is now available, but only if I “Favourite” it in the Qobuz app.

Yes, it’s probably not been indexed for search yet. You should be able to find it on his artist page discography though.

@joel this is not showing up in my library still. I see it’s in Roon now but point blank refuses to sync to my library.

You can see it added as favourite in Qobuz app below , doesn’t show in my albums and when I go to the Album in Roon still have a + sign to add it. Last sync was just over an hour a go. Clicking + it adds it but why did it not sync?

Simon, I don’t know. This feels like a Roon Core issue rather than a metadata one. If you haven’t, it’s worth restarting your Core.

cc: @support

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The album now shows up in Roon and everything works as expected. Finally I am listening to it. :slight_smile:

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Other albums sync fine. Just added Jarvis Cocker via Qobuz and it’s synced. So doubtful it’s a core issue

Sounds like it could have been a number of things – a hiccup with your Core like Joel mentioned, a problem on the Qobuz side, glitch in the matrix, etc… Now that you’ve got it added to your library let’s get back to the music!