New endpoint - any thoughts on this set-up?

I am planning a new endpoint. I am already using a ALLO USbridge in my main set-up and I am happy with it so I am thinking of buying another for the kitchen.

I would like the USBridge to feed a Meridian Explorer 2 DAC with a USB to micro usb cable and then onto some Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2 speakers, I think via a 3.5 to 3.5 cable.

Does this sound like a decent set-up and/or does anyone have any thoughts or see possible issues? Thanks.

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Seems over complicated for the kitchen. For similar money you could buy a Bluesound Pulse 2; wireless and all contained in a single unit.

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I use a Google Home Mini, in a socket mount, in the kitchen :smile:. Works like a charm with Roon, and can change volume, skip songs, pause, etc. with voice commands. Big kitchen with high ceilings, you might need something more.

If you don’t want to sync elsewhere you could just feed the speakers from a Chromecast Audio optical?

Another benefit of this is that you can ask Google questions like, “how many tablespoons in a quarter cup?”, or “how do I make self-rising flour?”.

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You buy it in a packet labeled self raising flour.

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Who plans that far ahead?

We have all types of flour all the time. Plain, self raising, wholemeal, one with seeds for bread,cornflour for thickening, and 00 for pasta/pizzas the list goes on. Life too short to not have it all. Bake Off not having the same impact your side of the pond then?

Bake Off?

No, just kidding. I haven’t seen it but know what it is. I generally only bake from Bernard Clayton’s book. Though I do feel a bit complacent knowing how to make self-rising flour, and baking powder, from simpler ingredients.

Thanks for the replies.

@Martin_Webster, I already have a Sonos play one in the kitchen and its OK although I would prefer a stereo solution in there but I do agree this maybe over complicating things. I would then move the Sonos to the bedroom. @Bill_Janssen, as said, I already have the Sonos however I do wonder about voice command, its a piece of tech I am not totally comfortable with although I do use on my phone.

If you want a stereo pair, take a look at the IQAudiO DigiAmp+. I’m very impressed with this DAC amp. You could pair this with the Ruark speakers (I use mine with in-ceiling Monitor Audio speakers.)

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Thanks @Martin_Webster. I like IQAudiO, I have a DAC hat from them I have used previously. The Ruarks though are active speakers so I don’t think I need the DigiAmp+. One of the reasons to choose the Ruark MR1 Mk2 was the aesthetics, e.g. I can get away with them in the kitchen. I could of course just buy another Sonos and run them as a stereo pair but this is not my first choice.