New equipment not certified... how was I supposed to know it would not work?

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Windows 10 Pro / Lenovo Thinkpad / 1.7 (build 667)

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Monolith HTP-1

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Are you guys trying to lose customers? I don’t get it. I was using Roon on my uncertified NAD M17 v2 without issue. I know of several (in the dozens) users with Roon running on the HTP-1. I purchase an HTP-1 to learn it is uncertified and will not run. How was I supposed to know it would not run, when everywhere I read it is working fine on the HTP-1, and nowhere that I’ve seen (until today) that uncertified products will not run Roon. Why would you allow it, causing people to think it will work, then take it away? I know good and well I won’t be the only person to not find out until after a purchase is made. Do you realize how much aggravation you have caused. I took off work early today, disconnected my other equipment, connected this new unit. went thru all the setup process, to only learn it is worthless for use with Roon. Either I have to cancel my Roon subscription and go to Audirvana, or send the HTP-1 back to Monoprice and pay return shipping. Your customer loses either way… YOUR customer. Brilliant thinking Roon!


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I predict this will be an interesting thread.

Sorry for your troubles Sonnie. At least the cost of your mistake is relatively small.

True… $75 to ship the unit from Alabama back to California. Certainly small in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully my aggravation and wasted time is completely free of charge.

I’m also not happy with Monoprice for not making it blatantly known on their website that it is no longer Roon Ready.

EDIT: Had someone point me to the “fix” application, so I filled that out. Maybe that will work.

Birmingham here; where you from?

Yea, Roon announced last month that they were getting serious about manufacturers who were freeloading on the Roon Ready tag.

Your anger should be directed towards Monoprice. Did they ever claim ‘Roon Ready’? If not then it will work via Chromecast, which they do mention in the context of Roon (but they don’t mention Chromecast as a Streaming Input or anywhere on the specs page).

This is rather deceptive on the specs page:

I read on some advertising blurb over on my side of the globe:

Over 60 partner brands now work with Roon and the list is growing every day.

Growing every day. :thinking:

On that basis, you will likely be right to go by the end of the week!!!

In all seriousness (and that quote is real); whilst Roon made their announcement last month I think it was, it’s a big expectation to expect that all the resellers from all around the world, will be in the loop. And furthermore, to expect that they will instantly be able to update their promotional material especially online a big ask.

Has Roon contacted all concerned? I don’t know, but given the myriad of resellers & vested interests from all over the world, I suspect much of the advertising is now out of date.

Whilst I have no issues with Roon revoking Roon-ready status to those not genuinely certified (or whatever the exact case was); I wonder where the onus lies with an issue like this?

Of course, @Sonnie_Parker that doesn’t help you, but this sort of case makes me wonder how well Roon has implemented the necessary information programs against such issues?

Good luck!

Speaking of rather deceptive, was “endpoint” a word in common usage before Roon started using it ?

I live in Luverne… own a gun shop in Troy (Family Firearms).

I must have missed the announcement, which is not unusual, as I get about 250-300 emails every day. I scan over a lot of the AV emails.

There are rumors that the HTP-1 may be certified within a few weeks, but if not, I’ll have to make a decision shortly after to determine what I will end up doing. If I can’t use it as it was designed to be used, like dozens of other owners are using it, it’s just no good to me. My opinion (is just that) is that both Roon and Monoprice are negligent here. Roon should have had a policy early on that any manufacturer can get a free 30 day trial of Roon, just like the end-user. This would have prevented something like what has happened to not only me, but also to others, as I have recently learned. I have heard of customers dropping Roon (and Roon can see this) and I have heard of people postponing or changing their minds on gear, so both Roon and some manufacturers are paying the price for a poor marketing strategy.

Ermmm just a little. Random example from 2011.

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Hey @Sonnie_Parker, I’ll make sure our team reviews your application for developer status today. As long as you had an uncertified device pinging our cloud certification check before the 21st, you qualify for developer access and we’ll be happy to set you up with it. Hang tight!

Yes… it was the NAD M17 v2 that I just disconnected. I was using it prior to 9/21 with my current account. It’s what I was using when I paid my annual fee. Thanks!


I agree is a messy situation, but what Roon have put in place will prevent this situation perpetuating, ultimately we the consumer will be in a better position.

Your speculating on what Roon did or did not do without foundation.

  • Roon Ready partners get a allocated a “Developer” licence … so that can test their integration of the Roon SDK, before it is Roon Certified.

  • Roon’s partners where notified a year ago about this new policy. Some partners took note and stepped up their game to complete the certification process … whilst others did not.

I know it too late now in this case, but note Roon’s website lists all the Roon Ready Certified Devices, if it not listed my advice would be to reconsider purchasing or at least delay it.

I just think “this situation” has already perpetuated too far though. It’s a situation that I don’t have to know the facts about to understand it could have been prevented had the current action been put into place early on. You can issue a developer license without enabling ALL of the manufacturers inventory of the product undergoing certification.

They could also give the customers a sample of Roon if they already own the product. Here ya go… this is what Roon will be like on this device once certified… you get a 30 day trial. Then manufacturers could have advertised a 30 day Roon trial but given notice that it will be deactivated after 30 days. That probably would have made manufacturers taken note and stepped up their game earlier, especially if end-users got a taste and really liked it… they’d been bombarding the manufacturers a lot more. Instead, the manufacturer and end-user got free use for an extended time, which admittedly by Roon, has caused this “messy situation” of sorts.

I am thankful that Roon has at least developed a way to work around it… if it works.


Thank you Roon! Developer status enabled and Roon is working as it should.