New Eric Clapton album in TIDAL & Roon, but tracks unavailable

Sigh. Not available. The album and tracks are available in the TIDAL app. The tracks are available and playable in the app, but not in Roon.

It’s available for me (Canada). Although, the third song is not available to me in both Tidal and Roon. Very strange.

Cheers, Greg

For me in Germany: Available in Tidal, incl. third song. Not visible in Roon.

Same as @fritzg here in Australia. “I Still Do” is available and playable in Tidal, the album is in Roon/Tidal but the tracks are unavailable.

It was released yesterday. This is probably what it looks like when the album is an expected release but the metadata hasn’t caught up. I’ve favourited it in Tidal and expect it will show up with available tracks after the next batch of Tidal data syncs with Roon.

Best thing about this was finding the Clapton tribute to JJ Cale. Nice.

Nut sure about that @andybob. Mud crutch 2 is also an expected new release and it shows up fine in Roon.

Same thing here

Been a week, other new releases (even from today) are in Roon (thank you for that!). But the same situation exists with Clapton’s I Still Do. It is available in TIDAL, shows as an album in Roon, but the tracks are unavailable.@mike

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Can @Pal_Bratelund shed any light on this ?

I don’t think Pal can help, it works in Tidal.

While we wait for @mike, can you go to the album in Roon and click the edit pencil and select Re-Identify?

Cheers, Greg

This is wacky. I’m in USA. Plays in Tidal app.

Shows up in Roon. Tracks marked Unavailable. Won’t play.

Tried to reidentify. No go.

I looked in Track Info/Tags. There is a file tag “tidaltrackcopyright”. It seems to allow for streaming from 3 June 2016; no idea why.

@Greg, what does your file tag show ? Is it different for track 3 ?


That’s really interesting. Whether Roon made a mistake on the date it should be available or not, it shows all the crap they have to deal with copyright management for the various countries.

When I check the files, it shows May 20. I can only assume mine is different because I’m in Canada.

Cheers, Greg

Hmmmm. I wonder if Tidal limits what tracks can be streamed to partners like Roon. It is streaming in the Tidal app itself.

My track #3 also shows it’s available May 20. However, I can’t stream #3 in Tidal. All other songs are ok.

Edit: just checked with a friend who uses Apple streaming and he can’t stream #3 either. He’s in Canada.

Cheers, Greg

And I can stream all songs in Tidal, including #3.

I Still Do is available in Roon for me now, all tracks playable (haven’t checked for it until today).
This is in Norway (but through VPN, so will look like Holland to Roon/Tidal).

Minnesota, USA.
On Tidal- entire album (except track #3) plays.
On Roon- entire album: (all tracks)- “Unavailable”, will not play.

On Tidal it is available (except track #3)

on Roon - entire album unavailable.

Thanks for the report, guys – we’re checking on this.

Track 3 notwithstanding, it plays fine for you @Greg?

Indeed it does @mike. I has from day one.

Here’s a screenshot of the Tidal file tags showing the copyright date as May 20.

Cheers, Greg