New Error. Transport not responding

Hi all,
Ive been using Roon for ages without this issue.
Im using Innuos Zenith into TAD DA1000 DAC. Its all connecting up as usual but when I try play a file it comes up with the following.

Then it says device not found which is weird because its connected and is showing my dac in roon.

Any help is much appreciated. I haven’t had a chance to listen for a few weeks and this is so disappointing !

Rest Regard


@Robert_Campbell Just so you know you can do screen shots of an area using command-shift-4 :stuck_out_tongue: they will save to your desktop and upload them from there

Hi, @Robert_Campbell, thanks for your report! Based on your screenshots it can be seen that linux machine that you’re using as the Core is doesn’t support this device. I did a little research on that subject, and found out that link to this hardware manufacturer’s web-page, which has specifications for this DAC, and there’s no mention about this device working with linux unfortunately.


Also a problem using DAC TAD-DA1000. This DAC plays back audio from Nucleus when connected via USB. But when this DAC is connected to the local network via sonore micro rendu, TAD-DA1000 (as well as micro rendu itself) is not in the list of audio devices in the Roon settings :frowning: .
Although micro rendu is in the network environment of the local network (for example, if you scan network devices from any computer on the network).

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