New Expert Pro 'Streamer and OS board'

Agreed - I think the criticism hurled at Devialet is disproportionate to the quality of audio they have provided to us which is network friendly and is way ahead of its rivals. Therefore I like you do not participate in similar “whiny” chat forums, I find it unhelpful and waste of time. I don’t have a tech background (law/ finance) but I have been with Devialet for a few years and have enjoyed the enhancemensts over the years re-jigging my network to keep up with the Audio options offered. My experience with Devialet has been very positive.

For those that take issue with “whiny” chat forums - I think it’s important to take stock of why it occurs. I’ve been a very happy Devialet customer for several years now and have found Devialet Chat an immensely useful forum - in fact, far more useful than anything Devialet itself provides. As great as their products are, Devialet kinda sucks at customer communication and support. And their marketing is a bit… quirky. This just leads to the occasional confused and/or frustrated customer with nowhere to turn.

Hey, I don’t like to read “whiny” posts about products I own either. But I do understand it. We all want to see Devialet improve in these areas and would absolutely love to see the level of support and involvement by Devialet that Roon staff offer here. Alas, different companies, different corporate philosophies, different priorities.


I assume you’re happy with what Roon provides because it does (mostly) what you want. Kinda like Devialet does for me. They improve on what they have. They may take time doing it and they are not continuously telling what they’re up to, but I’m fine with that. I don’t need someone to chat with, I just want product that works and Devialet works for me.

I have no doubt different people have different experiences with Roon as well. They might even feel ignored by Roon support because the one feature they need (be it cd burning, file system browsing, different pricing model, their favourite streaming service missing, UPnP support or what ever) is not the main priority of the Roon team. Even though it would bring so much profit, since it’s keeping them from pulling the trigger. Something that majority of people must be waiting also!

Anyways, now Devialet communicated about the beginning of RAAT certification, new app, unifying the platform for their product range and new services on their way. For me it’s all good news, but I’m certain someone will feel there’s something wrong with that and that Devialet can’t do anything right.

Also, I don’t really care what others think about the stuff I like.