New favorite tracks not showing

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iMac Catalina, latest Roon build

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Description Of Issue

After adding a favorite track using the heart icon, the track fails to appear in the tracks view when favorites are selected.

Hi John,

Are you talking about local music file in your library? Or, are you talking about adding a heart in a streaming service like Tidal/Qobuz.

Thanks for such a quick response. It happens with both local and online tracks. The new tracks show up in the unfiltered tracks view, but not when the heart icon is selected. Last item that shows up is March 27.

Well, just to be on the same page, this is how it is supposed to work in Roon.

If you are in the Tidal software and “heart” a track, it will then show up in your Roon library as part of the library, but NOT as a favorite track. The favorite action in Tidal ONLY adds it to your library. You would have to heart it again in Roon to make it a favorite track. (same goes for Qobuz)

If something is not in your library you cannot make it a Roon favorite.

If you make something in your library a Roon favorite then it should show up in your Tracks filtered by favorites. Sometimes you might have a lot, so you can use filter to search in Tracks to find a track.

Yep. Not working.

Have you rebooted the roon server?

Yes, restarting Roon server does not fix the problem. I can add new album favorites and those will immediately appear in the favorite albums view. But that’s not working for tracks.

Hi @John_Egan,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

I just now added My Blue Heaven to favorite tracks

But it does not appear in the Favorite Tracks view, ordered by most recently added

Date added is 29. Feb. 2020. So you might have to scroll down a little bit.

Right, so I’m an idiot. I’ve been using Roon for years now. Why did I suddenly think that date added was the date I added the track to favorites? Can staying home for weeks at a time cause early onset dementia? Thanks.

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

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