New feature: pitch adjustment

I have a musician friend who loves Roon, but he can’t go to ROCK because he has to keep a Windows machine with other software because he educates himself, practices or explores by playing along with other music, and he often needs to adjust the pitch without changing speed, or conversely adjusting speed without changing pitch, or maybe changing both but independently. This is a DSP function. And I believe easily implemented, compared to the other DSP stuff in Roon.

I had been thinking of requesting this feature, but I thought it too narrow and the Roon team has much to do, so I kept quiet. But here comes Schiit with a box that does exactly that:

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I understand this need…I wrote a piece of software to do the “slow down but not change pitch” so that I could transcribe jazz solos. This was maybe 10 years ago, but I used someone else’s DSP implementation so I don’t know exactly how it worked inside.

That one is a little bit complicated because it messes with the definition of time.

For pitch shifting, I’ve always adjusted it at the instrument. That does not work for everyone, though…

It would be very nice for musicians to have a pitch shift DSP option in roon.
Changing pitch without changing speed and changing speed without changing pitch.
Many recordings are not recorded at standard pitch and to play along you have to change your tuning. With some instruments this is not even possible.
Foobar2000 has this DSP feature.

And for reference:

And @Jodok_Pedersen you may want to vote for your request :slight_smile: