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Can we please have the web wizards implement some sort of pole (a new section?) where we can simply add features and changes and have users vote for them. Then view a table of the most requested features a the drop of a hat without having to wade through zillions of posts (which is tedious and for me detestable). Then the elves that run Roon may actually pay some attention to what users want?

This has been suggested before.
I think the roon team have said that +1s don’t influence them that much. They look for well thought out suggestions that benefit the many, address shortcomings and that fit in with their philosophy/roadmap.
So “we want file browsing” may get many votes but is still an irrelevance, for example.

Well it should influence then. I can’t see how it would not. Plus it would save us having to wade though zillions of post. Democracy rules doesn’t it?

as we will not pay for ROON subscription. we will have more respect !!!

Well here in the UK nowadays “democracy” seems to create chaos, and a Benevolent Dictatorship often works better in business… Not sure that Democracy is doing a lot of good in many other places (USA?) at the moment, sadly. It should, but it seems the current system is broken… still mustn’t slip into Politics…

If a feature request goes against the very ethos of Roon, and they have stated this many times, then for whatever reason we have to either accept it or move to another product if that is unacceptable.

Agreed, democracy in the UK is indeed in chaos, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Roon. I’m not asking to change the ethos of Roon either. I just want to see what are the most popular requested changes without have to wade through pages and pages of a Forum. Is that too much to ask?

Opps sorry, cross purposes… I was mixing your request for voting with the reference from Ged for requests to include Folder Display/searching/file browsing… My bad

My theory: Those of us that consume and post on the Roon forum represent a tiny fraction of the total Roon subscriber population and thus really don’t have much influence; unless as stated above present a well thought out and articulated option/request.

Thus to get to your ask, having a single list or tally of requested features voted on by a small minority makes little sense to the Roon team. Software and infrastructure development is rarely successfully run by committee or consensus. I’m confident Roon principles keep a list, and keep it rather close to the chest, until it’s time to tease or appease the forum members.


It may be a ‘small’ percentage but it’s the percentage that’s vocal and active, so what else would the Roon team listen too? If they don’t listen to this forum then really what’s the point of it? TBH I find your statement rather ridiculous. There is no other place to state your requests or to get your Roon problems solved. I wish there were.

I’m not a huge fan of forums, because I find I have to trawl through far to many post to find a ‘solution’ and I particularly hate that. You end up spending far too much time. For the price Roon charge I wish there was a better method of technical support.

Is there anybody out there from Roon who can give us some Optimism; are you listening?

The roon team state all the time that they read the new feature request threads. But, also state that a vocal minority does not a new feature make.

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No, not in the Rooniverse…nor should it.


Yeah, well welcome to the tech driven world we all now live. Our collective comments certainly influence Roon choices far more than say Microsoft, Google or Apple so all hope is not lost.

I’m sorry you find my statement (it’s just a theory) ridiculous. I too get frustrated from time to time and I try to remember to breathe and enjoy the music!

In the Roon client, if you select About, The Team you’ll see it’s a very short list of folks building, managing, coding, marketing and running all of this…

To be fair, there’s not a lot that goes wrong. The main issue is networking, which for the most part, is self inflicted. Roon staff are active here when beckoned. Next, metadata issues, Roon staff always respond positively. Third is accounts, and again, Roon staff respond and resolve accordingly. So, no complaints from me :wink:

The problem with democracy in UK is not democracy itself but it’s misuse.

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Oh but it is not just confined to the UK is it? The problem is pretty much everywhere it seems. With of course the exception of the USA and the rest of Europe, 'cos they are perfect, aren’t they?

The problem is people, we all want it our way.

Maybe this helps a little to check interest in feature requests:

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Right of course. This virus seems to have infected rampantly the whole western world. More or less.

I agree that the change management or roadmap should be more transparent and at best be user influenceable.
It doesn’t make sense to develop features no one asks for and the ones being asked for are ignored.

What people really want is an audit committee – the right to oversee and approve the direction Roon is taking. They want to storm the Bastille whenever, say, mobile computing does not get implemented but Chromecast does. They want to tally votes for projects and direct Roon to “do this first”.

None of these will ever happen - in any form. What will happen is that you may submit new feature ideas to your heart’s content. And when your idea/s get shelved, you can claim that Roon never listens. And, at the extreme, you can walk.

Also, I daresay none of us really knows “what people want”, but Roon is in the best position to judge.

Final point: it’s their company, their product.

Yes, yes, it’s their product and they can do as they want. And then customers get to vote with their wallets. The usual deal.

But Roon is in the best position to judge? I’m not so sure about that. I see a sizeable list of peeves that keeps coming up regularly, usually when a new user comes in with the same old stuff, and I haven’t seen any action taken in the past couple of years. Thing is, most people are not actually very vocale in those cases: the forum is just as full of people writing “it’s the way it is” by way of reply.

I’m not a doomsayer and I don’t think Roon is dying. But it sure makes little efforts to endear itself to existing users, and that’s not a good thing in a subscription model. Having the Roon team putting out a list of stuff they, themselves, feel they want to work on up for voting is certainly a way to correct this without any storming of the Bastilles taking place.